January 30 - April 4
65 Days of Kindness

30 million Americans - 1 in 5 kids -
don't get enough food to eat...
Take Action for a Kinder World

Take the My Kindness Feeds Others Pledge
Pledge to volunteer 5 hours a month for the next year at a soup kitchen, food bank, or other ending-hunger-related service. Then invite friends and family to support this pledge with a tax-deductible donation to The Kindness Team and the donation will be matched by a corporate sponsor, tripling your efforts to help end hunger.


Be a KindnessKid!
Join The Kindness Team.
Together we can change the world,
one kind heart at a time...

KindnessKids make a difference in their communities by showing kindness. Team up for kindness with your family, friends or classmates. Every act of kindness counts!  

Here is a calendar of more than 60 action dates for your local Kindness Team to choose from to change the world with kindness, with a service project, Peace Pole planting, or other community building activity.

Kindness Kids

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The Kindness Team is a project of the nonprofit: We, The World, Inc.
KindnessKids illustration provided by
Vineet Siddhartha