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I pledge in my daily life, in my family, my school or work, my community & my country to:

1. Respect all life - I pledge to respect people that are different, and treat people and animals with kindness and fairness.

2. Reject violence - I pledge to find peaceful ways to work out my problems without using violent actions or words.

3. Share with others - I pledge to share my time to help out in my community to make life better for others.

4. Listen to understand - I pledge to allow others to express their point of view; to find win-win solutions to problems so that both sides can win; and 'agreeing to disagree' if we can't come to an agreement.

5. Preserve the planet - I pledge to practice good environmental habits like recycling and helping to protect the earth and its habitats.

6. Rediscover community - I pledge to do my best to help my family, friends and community to get along.


Based on UNESCO's Manifesto 2000
and the Appeal of the Nobel Laureates for the Children of the World -

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