The BetterWorld Book
Do One Thing for a better world ... Together we make a world of difference

1. What If...

"If compassion was the motivating factor
behind all of our decisions,
would our world not be a completely different place?"
-- Sheryl Crow


Is peace on earth an impossible dream?

Before you answer, think about what it would be like if everyone really had a chance to have a good life.

What if we lived in a world where the rules really were fair for everyone?

What if the system was set up so that working for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world was the common goal that all families, communities, businesses and nations shared?

What if we taught our children the skills they needed to get along better with others and make the world a better place, instead of just how to 'get ahead'?

If it were easier to choose to do the right thing, wouldn't people be more likely to do it?

Maybe peace on earth is an impossible dream, but if we changed the rules, this world could be so much better.

So, why do we allow an unfair system to rule us by fear?

Why don't we work together to create a better world and bring hope!


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The BetterWorld Book
Do One Thing for a better world ... Together we make a world of difference

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0. Do you wish for a better world? 
1. What If... 
2. The Big Picture
3. The Better World Movement
4. Living for A Better World
5. Goals & Obstacles 
6. A Better World Starts With Me
7. Better World Lifestyle
8. Inner Peace
9. Time Out For Peace
10. One Step At A Time
11. We Can Work It Out
12. Live In The Now
13. Choices for a Better World
14. Living Sustainably
15. Better World Activists
16. Better World Families
17. Teach a Better World
18. Better World Clubs
19. Celebrate for a Better World
20. Better World Fairs & Festivals
21. Letters for a Better World
22. Spread the Word
23. A Better World Economy
24. A Better World Industry
25. Envision A Better World  
26. Better World Blueprints  
27. Imagine A Better World 
28. Better World Institutions
29. Better World Projects
30. Questions & Answers

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