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17. Teach a Better World

"Education is critical for people
to become compassionate.
If you don't know the problem
and you don't know the reality, how can you help?"
-- Marla Ruzicka

In order for us to create a better world where we live in a culture of peace, the world must learn to live together peacefully. The Better World Movement will show the world that WE WANT A BETTER WORLD and then help teach the world how to create it. Because we live in an often violent, profit-driven culture, it is hard to learn how to live for a better world. Better World Education - including peacebuilding and environmental education -- is desperately needed to help teach us how to live a better world lifestyle. Fortunately, many are helping to bring environmental awareness and peace education into our schools to educate the next generation for a better world.

Whether or not we have our own children, we can help. In our families, we can help raise peacebuilders, by sharing our values and by setting a good example. We can help promote peace education, conflict resolution and environmental sustainability in our schools and advocate for legislation that promotes these tools.

Better World Education isn't just for the young. Adults need to learn about peace and sustainability, too. Young people can help teach adults the peacemaking and sustainability skills and tools they've learned.


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The BetterWorld Book
Do One Thing for a better world ... Together we make a world of difference

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