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Do One Thing for a better world ... Together we make a world of difference

19. Celebrate For a Better World

" fills you with such hope and admiration to even be part for a short time in a community where people have connected to strangers to try to put out a hand."
-- Susan Sarandon

The first half of this book focused on living a better world lifestyle - finding inner peace and making daily choices to create a better world. The second half of this guide is about spreading the word to grow the Better World Movement.

Peace protests, political rallies and boycotts have traditionally been crucial ways that people have tried to show that a better world is important to us. They will continue to be important tools. But we can also help unite our communities and inspire them to become excited about the goal of creating a better world by celebrating together.

Celebrating around ideas we can all agree on is an effective way to break down barriers and create an atmosphere of cooperation. Then we can better address and work towards resolving issues that prevent us from creating a better world together.

There are already many days of celebration for a better world, such as Peace Day on September 21, End Racism Day on March 21 and End Hunger Day (World Food Day) on October 16. These events are opportunities to DO ONE THING for a Better World and raise awareness about our wish for a better world. BetterWorld Clubs can help our communities by working with local charities to sponsor BetterWorld Fairs and Festivals and Concerts on BetterWorld Days.

By celebrating Better World Days we will unite the many diverse movements for change into a coordinated Better World Movement.


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The BetterWorld Book
Do One Thing for a better world ... Together we make a world of difference

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