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Starting a BetterWorld Club in your community
is a great way to work with others in helping to create
a more peaceful just and sustainable world.

What Are BetterWorld Clubs?

BetterWorld Clubs is an international grassroots network of local clubs helping to create a better world.

BetterWorld Clubs printable materials are provided free. You don't have to register or pay membership dues to start your own BetterWorld Club. Anyone can use the materials on the site FREE for their BetterWorld Club (for non-commercial purposes only!) There are now more than 3000 FREE printable resources covering more than 60 social issues!

If your club has resources you'd like to share with other Clubs send to - Posted resources may be copyrighted but must state that they can be freely distributed for noncommercial uses. Only resources that promote 'BetterWorld Clubs" will be posted. (Remember to include credit information for posting.)

Your BetterWorld Clubs chapter might consist of members of your family or your place of worship, classmates in school, colleagues at work, friends and neighbors, or co-volunteers in a charitable organization.

Because BetterWorld Clubs is a grassroots project and NOT centrally organized, there is no way to know for sure exactly how many clubs have been set up. Send an email to with location of your BetterWorld Club if you wish to be added to the ongoing 'known tally.' No location information can be shared through this website. If you submit your location, your contact information will not be shared with any group or organization, and you will not be be placed on any mailing list. Clubs that wish to receive the weekly BetterWorld Clubs e-Newsletter, however, can subscribe by sending an email with 'subscribe' in the the header to

BetterWorld Clubs is a free global, grassroots network of local clubs. It is not centrally coordinated by any organization.
We are not responsible for the activities of individual BetterWorld Clubs.

Better World Handbook
by Ellis Jones, et al

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All FREE printable materials may be distributed for non-commercial uses only.
BetterWorld Heroes are included for illustration purposes. No endorsement implied.

We Can Build A Better World

BetterWorld Shopping Guide
by Ellis Jones

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