Once upon a time there were some kids who had a Dream.

Their Dream was that for just One Day there would be peace on earth.

"Imagine," said Johnny, "if the world tried peace for a day, maybe peace would stay."

"But there is so much fighting in the world," Maria told him, "in our homes, in our neighborhoods and between countries."

"Yes," Amir added, "people don't respect each other or the earth. But maybe if the world tried to get along for One Day, all that might change."

"Do you think it's even possible?" asked Wei-Ling. "Do you think the world could stop fighting, even for just One Day?"

Story © 1996-2000 Steve Diamond & Robert Alan Silverstein
Illustrations © 1997 Ginger Nielson
This story may not be copied or transmitted for commercial uses.

May Peace Prevail On Earth

One Day In Peace