Bernie Songs

Music to inspire
The Movement

Bernie Sanders Anthem - Man on Fire
(Alicia Keys parody)
by Nicole Gose

I'm Ready Now: A song for Bernie Sanders
by Sadie Radinsky

Feel The Bern (An Anthem for Bernie Sanders)
by Alex Vans & The Hide Away

Bernie Sanders Song
by Rachel Chevat

Bernie Sanders: The Peoples Revolution (My Body)
by Young the Giant

Fire Is Ours
by Makena

Bernie Bae
by Leah Kauffman

by Aneeta

The Bernie Sanders Song
by Julia Kate Davis

The Bernie Sanders Song
Topher Buckland

Hey, Bernie Sanders
Brian Estes

Give Bernie Sanders Your Vote

Bernie Sanders (Mr. Sandman)

CalMixXx: "Stay Today"
Bernie Sanders autotune

Maculate | The Bernie Sanders Remix

Tribute to Bernie Sanders- Bernie's Ouverture

Bernie Sanders 2016
Species Elite

Fuel The Bern

Feel The Bern
Joanna Connor

Whatta Mensch - Schmaltz and Schlepper - Bernie Sanders for President -
Weekends For Bernie

Bernie for President - 2016
Christopher Fee

The Bernie Sanders Song
Leo Dezes

Bernie Sanders
Paul Henn

Happy Days (Bernie Sanders for President)
Black Angel

Don't Know Much About Politics

Dave Moore

Feel The Bern
Tony Tig

2016 Election
(Feat. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders)
Brian Hanley

Feel The Bern
Tim Hunter
Bernie for President Song
Charles Szabo

Two Masters
(Song About Citizens United & Bernie Sanders)
Smootch McGee

Mr. Sanders Bring Us A Dream
(Mr. Sandman Cover)

Bernie Sanders Brand New
Campaign Theme Song
Hot Dad

Bernie Sanders - Feel the Bern
FDA Music

Bernie Sanders
Peter Tracy

Go Bernie Go
Samm Bennett

Bern The Vote
Dan Zimberg

Bernie From Vermont
Rex Dean

Pamela Sackett
Sharon Abreu

Feel The Burn
Jamie Chahine

"Wilted" Inspired by Bernie Sanders 2016!
by the DWP

Go Bernie Go!
Con "EL VIEJITO" Si se puede!
by Chali Munoz-Elias

Bernie Sanders for President
by Faith Nettleton-Scherer

Voting For Bernie!
Performed by Catch 23

Bernie You're the Man
Bruce Murdoch


Plus Songs Sung BY BERNIE


Check out the entire folk album that
Bernie Sanders recorded in 1987!

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