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"Bad trade deals like the proposed Transpacific Partnership are a major reason for the collapse of the American middle class and the increase in wealth and income inequality in the United States. This agreement, like bad trade deals before it, would force American workers to compete with desperate workers around the world including workers in Vietnam where the minimum wage is 56-cents an hour. Trade agreements should not just work for corporate America, Wall Street and the pharmaceutical industry. They have got to benefit the working families of our country. We must defeat fast track and develop a new policy on trade."
~ Sen. Bernie Sanders

"During the 1999 debate over Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China President Bill Clinton said, 'In opening the economy of China, the agreement will create unprecedented opportunities for American farmers, workers and companies to compete successfully in China's market. WRONG: Our trade deficit with China has increased from $83 billion in 2001 to a record breaking $342 billion in 2014." ~ Sen. Bernie Sanders

"During the debate over NAFTA President Clinton said, 'I believe that NAFTA will create a million jobs in the first five years of its impact.' WRONG. According to the Economic Policy Institute, NAFTA has led to the loss of more than 680,000 US jobs. I voted against NAFTA and other bad trade agreements and am fighting to stop the TPP."
~ Sen. Bernie Sanders

"The largest multi-national corporations in the country, Wall Street and the pharmaceutical industry believe that the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) is a great idea and should be passed. Do you need to know anything more as to why it should be defeated? It's time that corporate America created jobs in this country, not low-wage countries abroad."
~ Sen. Bernie Sanders

"Since 2001, we have lost more than 60,000 factories in this country, and more than 4.9 million decent paying manufacturing jobs. We must end our disastrous trade policies which enable corporate America to shut down plants in this country and move to China and other low-wage countries. We need to end the race to the bottom and develop trade policies which demand that American corporations create jobs here, and not abroad."
~ Sen. Bernie Sanders

"The Senate just put the interest of powerful multi- national corporations, drug companies and Wall street ahead of the needs of American workers. If this disastrous trade agreement is approved, it will throw Americans out of work while companies continue moving operations and good-paying jobs to low-wage countries overseas."
~ Sen. Bernie Sanders

"The TPP is another corporate-backed agreement that is the latest in a series of trade policies which have cost us millions of decent-paying jobs, pushed down wages for American workers and led to the decline of our middle class. We want American companies to create decent-paying jobs in America, not just low-wage countries like Vietnam, Malaysia or China. The TPP must be defeated."
~ Sen. Bernie Sanders

"Today I proudly stood with hundreds of trade unionists and environmentalists in opposition to the Transpacific Partnership. This secretive deal is backed by all of the big money interests and is a continuation of a series of bad trade agreements which have cost us millions of decent American jobs."
~ Sen. Bernie Sanders

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