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[Transcript of BetterWorldBob video # 97]

As all you loyal subscribers know (All 13 of you!), this is my 97th Better World Bob youtube video! (Yippee...You can do it, Boberelli!)

And they said I wouldn't (not to mention couldn't and shouldn't) get this far.

(Seriously, of the 27 comments, 26 of them said, Yikes! Why are you doing these awful videos! ((That 27th comment, by the way, was from my Mom, in case you hadn't figured it out. You, know, the one that says, 'Bob, this is Mom. Is that you?! Oy vey!') ))

Until today, my excuse would have been that the world just wasn't ready for my unique brand of addressing serious and world-changing issues sandwiched in-between goofy voices, slapstick and punny jokes. Well, I'm here to tell you I was wrong.

Yep, I guess it was just this face the world couldn't stomach. It must be, because this morning I discovered subscriber # 13…

Folks meet BetterWorldGirl!

BetterWorldGirl's made forty-two videos so far and her whimsical rantings are about the same kinds of things mine are - ending world hunger, peace on earth, global climate change, saving the bees … But unlike my videos, hers have over 10 million views!

(In case you haven't checked, my 97 videos have a total of 96 views … combined! ((And I watched every one of them at least a hundred times -- I still have no clue how youtube comes up with their totals!)) )

Anyway, no 'Better World Issues' to discuss today, just a 'Better World Challenge' to my new frenemy and arch rival, BetterWorldGirl:

Let's duel videos! My 13 subscribers and 96 views to your 351,127 subscribers and 10 million views…

What do you say, BetterWorldGirl?

© 2015 Robert Alan Silverstein
from The Better World Couple

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The Better World Show
The Reality Show That Will Change Reality

For the past 11 years, I've been wanting to create The Better World Show, a reality show that would inspire action for a better world and provide a way for millions to participate in real-time.

"The Better World Show: The Reality Show That Would Change Reality" would be an SNL-like variety show/reality show that would highlight the many efforts for a better world that are going on, often unseen, all around us, and inspire and empower action through humor, music and cutting-edge and engaging features.

I have hundreds of pages of notes on skits, next steps, a calendar of action, numerous vehicles within the Show and tons of offshoot-ideas. So, in a last ditch effort to try to make this happen before another 11 years go by, I'm putting out this call to either find a team to launch this webseries, or someone who might be interested in writing a series of novels with me based on this concept.

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The Better World Show:
The Reality Show That Will Change Reality

An SNL-like variety show/ reality show, inspiring and empowering a global movement for change in real-time.


Better World Factory
The off-beat behind the scenes exploits of a Team of dreamers, activist-actors and misfits working on The Better World Show webseries' vignettes of humorous skits, inspirational features and original music.

Better World Roadtrip: In Search of Utopia
A roadtrip across America highlighting people, places, organizations and ideas that are helping to create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

Better World Inc
Misadventures of employees in an Office-type setting working for a Corporation without any products or services but whose sole purpose is to create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

Better World 101
Sociology professor teaching from The Better World Handbook, gives his students a semester-long assignment to create a network of Better World Clubs on college campuses around the world and a webseries to inspire and empower the network they've created.

Better World News
A humorously satirical but inspiring take on current events unseen in traditional media outlets.

Better World Band
Music videos and behind the scenes exploits of musicians on tour, performing social-issue based songs.

Better World Girl
Shy dreamer has an alter-ego in her graphic novels about her hipster glasses, beret and scarf-wearing-heroine, The Better World Girl.

The Better World Couple
BetterWorldGuy and BetterWorldGirl engage in a youtube video duel to inspire action for a beter world.

Better World Heroes
A team of dreaming misfit superhero-wannabes embark on a fantastical quest of epic proportions to save the world.


© 2004-2015 Robert Alan Silverstein

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