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Supermarket Girl to the Rescue

"Oh hi, welcome back," the young cashier said cheerfully.

I glanced up as I was pulling items out of my cart to place on the conveyor belt. "Jessica" I read on her nametag.

"Hi," I smiled, remembering how bubbly and enthusiastic she had always seemed the three or four times I'd been in the supermarket since I'd gotten to town. She and Maya seemed to be pretty friendly - they were busy chatting away every time we'd been there. But this time I was alone, and I wasn't really in much of a mood for idle chatter.

Jessica seemed to be reading my train of thought and toned down her enthusiasm a few notches. "So how do you know Maya?" she asked, casually and much more sedately, as she scanned my grocery items one by one.

"I… I met her online," I said without thinking about it. "On OkCupid of all places," I added with an embarrassed chuckle.

"Oh…" she smiled mischievously. "And now you're living together… Another internet-romance success story…"

"Well, no, I mean uh… not exactly," I stuttered, dropping the rice cakes and coconut milk I'd been picking up out of the cart. "My friend Artie and I are both living there now…" I burst out, as if that were a defense.

"TWO guys! Huh. I always knew Maya was pretty hip, for an older woman, but … living with two guys… hmm," Jessica smirked as she scanned away.

"I…" I stuttered. Maya was going to kill me. I forgot that she'd asked me not to mention HOW we'd met. Suddenly it became clear why she'd suggested we keep it to ourselves; she didn't know me that well, but she had sensed that it would be too easy for me to stick my foot in my mouth.

"We're staying at Maya's, but, we're um… well, just working together," I quickly explained, finally regaining a modicum of sanity.


"Yeah, we're trying to launch a reality show webseries."

"Huh. Well that's different!" Jessica said, putting down the bag of apples she was about to weigh. "That sounds really interesting." She gave me a really meaningful look, and I began to feel more relaxed for some reason.

"Yeah, it's called The Better World Show, the reality show that will change reality," I said rather proudly.

"Catchy. Trying to save the world, huh," she smiled. "Cool." She had a really beautiful smile, and I suddenly realized this young woman reminded me of my daughter. As that realization flashed through my mind, it occurred to me that it should have made me feel sad, but seeing her enthusiasm, I felt excited to be able to share the progress I'd finally made in helping to bring this project to life, after all these years.

"Yeah, so we're going to launch the Show, soon, and then take it on the road …. on a 'Better World Roadtrip' across the country showing the people and organizations and projects that are really making a difference in helping to create a better world!" I declared in a single breath.

"Wow!" Jessica was impressed. Absently she picked the bag of apples back up and put them on the scale. "So how's it going …" she said. It was obvious she was genuinely interested.

"Well, actually, we've been trying to find a fourth person for our Team. Someone to be 'The Better World Girl," I gushed out. It felt nice to find someone to unload my bottled-up frustrations. Artie and Maya, and Maya in particular, weren't really that keen on the need for a fourth Team member. And I think they were secretly glad we hadn't found anyone suitable; but I was certain it was critical.

"But so far we haven't been able to find anyone … well, um, at least not anyone suitable," I explained to my captive audience.

"Really. Why not?" Jessica said slowly. I had her complete attention.

"Well, the people who contacted us from the craigslist ads were… well, not really appropriate. And no one's really watched the youtube invitation we put up…It's kind of a catch-22. We need a vibrant-personality to give us a hook to get attention and go viral so we can find the right person to be the vibrant personality to get us attention for the Show…"

Jessica blinked, confused for a second. "So what are you looking for, for this Better World Girl?" she asked very carefully; she was practically shaking with excitement.

"Well, on the Show, among other things, she'll have a daily vlog, highlighting some inspiring action for the day, but in a humorous way. And on the Roadtrip she'd be the one in front of the camera pointing out the places we visit, interviewing the talking-heads we meet … Oh yeah, and performing on college campuses along the way …"


"Yeah, we've been writing stand-up comedy routines … Talking about serious issues to inspire action, but in a humorous way. And maybe perform funny-but-serious comedy-songs, too…"

Jessica's eyes were sparkling. "You know, I was in all our school plays in high school…" she said proudly, "and my friends think I'm hilarious …"

"Really," I said. Now I was starting to get excited.

"And I've got a pretty good singing voice … and I do play guitar…a mean four chords, anyway…"

My heart was beating fast.

"And I have always wished I could find a way to do more to make the world a better place…" she offered.

"Sounds like you'd make a great Better World Girl …" I declared.

"Actually … I think I'd like that …" she beamed.

"Well, let's go tell the Team, Better World Girl," I practically shouted.

Jessica smiled and pulled off her apron and began walking towards the exit. "Well, come on," she laughed, "let's get this show started!"

"Oh, I uh… Well, maybe you can finish checking me out first … There's nothing to eat back at the house."

Jessica blinked, just then realizing where we were. "Oh, yeah. Sorry," she giggled.

As she rang up the last of the items, I was pretty sure that Maya and Artie were going to be really thrilled that we'd finally found the fourth member of our Team, right under our noses … Either that or they were going to kill me.

© 2015 Robert Alan Silverstein
from The Better World Factory

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The Better World Show
The Reality Show That Will Change Reality

For the past 11 years, I've been wanting to create The Better World Show, a reality show that would inspire action for a better world and provide a way for millions to participate in real-time.

"The Better World Show: The Reality Show That Will Change Reality" would be an SNL-like variety show/reality show that would highlight the many efforts for a better world that are going on, often unseen, all around us, and inspire and empower action through humor, music and cutting-edge and engaging features.

I have hundreds of pages of notes on skits, next steps, a calendar of action, numerous vehicles within the Show and tons of offshoot-ideas. So, in a last ditch effort to try to make this happen before another 11 years go by, I'm putting out this call to either find a team to launch this webseries, or someone who might be interested in writing a series of novels with me based on this concept.

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The Better World Show:
The Reality Show That Will Change Reality

An SNL-like variety show/ reality show, inspiring and empowering a global movement for change in real-time.


Better World Factory
The off-beat behind the scenes exploits of a Team of dreamers, activist-actors and misfits working on The Better World Show webseries' vignettes of humorous skits, inspirational features and original music.

Better World Roadtrip: In Search of Utopia
A roadtrip across America highlighting people, places, organizations and ideas that are helping to create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

Better World Inc
Misadventures of employees in an Office-type setting working for a Corporation without any products or services but whose sole purpose is to create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

Better World 101
Sociology professor teaching from The Better World Handbook, gives his students a semester-long assignment to create a network of Better World Clubs on college campuses around the world and a webseries to inspire and empower the network they've created.

Better World News
A humorously satirical but inspiring take on current events unseen in traditional media outlets.

Better World Band
Music videos and behind the scenes exploits of musicians on tour, performing social-issue based songs.

Better World Girl
Shy dreamer has an alter-ego in her graphic novels about her hipster glasses, beret and scarf-wearing-heroine, The Better World Girl.

The Better World Couple
BetterWorldGuy and BetterWorldGirl engage in a youtube video duel to inspire action for a beter world.

Better World Heroes
A team of dreaming misfit superhero-wannabes embark on a fantastical quest of epic proportions to save the world.


© 2004-2015 Robert Alan Silverstein

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