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April 1

Wangari Maathai born in Kenya, 1940

Jimmy Cliff born in Jamaica, 1948

April 2

* World Autism Day

Reconciliation Day

Tell The Truth Day

Homeless Unity Day

Nicholas Murray Butler born in New Jersey, 1862

April 3 Dorothea Dix born in Maine, 1802

John Burroughs born in New York, 1837

Doris Day born in Ohio, 1924

Jane Goodall born in England, 1934

April 4

* International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

National Holiday of Senegal

Maya Angelou born in Missouri, 1928

April 5

Gandhi's day of non violent action; first Satyagraha 1919, Salt strike 1930

Booker T. Washington born in Virginia, 1856

Gregory Peck born in California, 1916

April 6

Ram Dass born in Massachusetts, 1931

The first modern Olympics opened in Athens, 1896

April 7

* World Health Day

* Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Rwanda Genocide

National Day of Hope

Gustav Landauer born in Germany, 1870

Daniel Ellsberg born in Michigan, 1931

Jackie Chan born in Hong Kong, 1954

World Health Organization (WHO) founded, 1948

April 8 Kofi Annan born in Ghana, 1938
April 9

Paul Robeson born in New Jersey, 1898

Civil War ended, 1865

Civil Rights Bill of 1866 passed by Congress granting blacks rights of American Citizenship, eventually becoming the 14th Amendment. If you are interested in learning more about political science, check out an online liberal arts degree offered by well known online colleges.

April 10

National D.A.R.E. Day

Frances Perkins born in Massachusetts, 1882

Dolores Huerta born in New Mexico, 1930

David Rovics born in New York, 1967

Rachel Corrie born in Washington, 1979

Good Friday Peace Agreement in Northern Ireland, 1998

April 11

Mary White Ovington born in New York, 1867

International Labour Organisation (ILO) founded 1919

Civil Rights Act of 1968 signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson, expanding rights of Native Americans, protecting civil rights workers and protecting tenants against antidiscrimination

April 12

* International Day of Human Space Flight

Frederick Franck born in The Netherlands, 1909

Dennis Banks born in Minnesota, 1932

Herbie Hancock born in Chicago, Illinois, 1940

LEE Jong-wook born in Korea, 1945

April 13

Thomas Jefferson born in Virginia, 1743

Amy Goodman born in Washington, DC, 1957

Rachel Carson's Silent Spring was published, 1962, hearlding the Environmental Movement

April 14

Pan American Day - proclamation issued each year in US commemorating the first International Conference of American States in 1890

Arun Gandhi born in South Africa, 1934

First American Abolition Society founded in Philadelphia, 1775

April 15

A. Philip Randolph born in Florida, 1889

Hugh Thompson born in Georgia, 1943

Emma Thompson born in England, 1959

Preliminary articles of peace ending Revolutionary War were ratified, 1783

April 16

National Holiday of Denmark

Jacob Coxey born in Pennsylvania, 1854

Sir Gladwyn Jebb (Lord Gladwyn) 1900, elected first and only acting UN Secretary-General 1946

Sir Peter Ustinov born in England, 1921

April 17 National Holiday of Syrian Arab Republic

Jaime-Torres Bodet, Director-General of UNESCO, who promoted 'peace in the minds of men,' born Mexico City 1902
April 18

Third World Day - commemorating first use of phrase "Third World" by Indonesian President Sukarno to mean the non-white and underdeveloped nations of the world

National Holiday of Zimbabwe

April 19

Paul Harris born in Wisconsin, 1868

Ashley Judd born in California, 1968

Anti-Slavery Society founded by William Wilberforce, U.K. 1839

April 20

Gro Harlem Brundtland was born in Norway, 1939

Jessica Lange was born in Minnesota, 1949

April 21

Creativity Day

John Muir born in Scotland, 1838

Sister Helen Prejean born in Louisiana, 1939

Michael Succow born in Germany, 1941

Juan Somavia born in Chile, 1941

April 22

Earth Day

* International Mother Earth Day

J. Sterling Morton born in New York, 1832

Yehudi Menuhin born in New York, 1916

Human Rights of Refugees guaranteed by UN Convention 1954

April 23

* World Book & Copyright Day

Michael Moore born in Michigan, 1954

April 24

Barbra Streisand born in New York, 1932

Review Conference of Treaty on the non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons opened, 2000

April 25

* World Malaria Day

Edward R. Murrow born in North Carolina, 1908

Earl Hickey born in Camden County, 1970

The United Negro College Fund was incorporated, 1944

Fifty nations met in San Francisco to start the United Nations Conference on International Organizations, 1945

American student Samantha Smith invited to visit the Soviet Union, after writing to Soviet leader Yuri Andropov about her fears about nuclear war, 1983

300,000 activists march on Washington, DC demanding freedom from discrimination for gays and lesbians, 1993

 First World Conference on Sustainable Development of Small Island States, 1994

April 26

John James Audubon born in Haiti, 1785

National Holiday of United Republic of Tanzania

April 27

Mary Wollstonecraft born in England, 1759

James Alexander born in Canada, 1914

Coretta Scott King born in Alabama, 1927

Fethullah Gülen born in Turkey, 1941

National Holiday of Sierra Leone, South Africa, Togo, Yugoslavia

Togo achieved independence in UN-supervised elections 1960

April 28

* World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Moratorium on capital punishment adopted by Human Rights Commission, 1999

Tobias Asser born in The Netherlands, 1838

Oskar Schindler born in Austria-Hungary, 1908

Alice Waters born in New Jersey, 1944

Penelope Cruz born in Spain, 1974

April 29

* Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare

Maurice Strong born in Canada, 1929

April 30

Gerda Lerner born in Austria, 1920

Willie Nelson born in Texas, 1933

António Guterres born in Portugal, 1949

Albert Schweitzer broadcast his "Peace or Atomic War?" appeal, 1958

National Holiday of The Netherlands

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