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What Do BetterWorld Clubs do?

BetterWorld Clubs meet regularly (you decide how often -- once a week, every other week, or once a month) typically in a member's home or dorm room, in a coffee shop, town hall or other community meeting place, or at school as an afterschool club, or a social circle at a place of worship. They provide an opportunity to share your local and global visions of a better world with others who care, and to think about ways that you can help make your community a better place to live.


Book Study

Free ebook

A popular BetterWorld Clubs activity is to read and discuss "The BetterWorld Book" together (you can read it online or print from the internet FREE) and share it with everyone you know. (

Download PDF (10 Megs)

Ultimate Resource
If you want to go deeeper - the 300 page Better World Handbook is the ultimate resource for The Better World Movement.

It will help your club understand your relationship with the world, realize your power to make the world better and turn your values into effective actions.


Create an Event
Most BetterWorld Clubs find that working together on a project or event in their community helps strengthen their BetterWorld Club and spread hope that a better world is possible.
BetterWorld Days like Earth Day, Human Rights Day, End Hunger Day and Peace Day are perfect occasions for creating community-building events and activities. Find resources and links for more than 75 BetterWorld Days at

Download the
BetterWorld Calendar Book
(freely reproducible
handouts for 59 Action Days)
or PRINT individual pages

Download PDF (16 Megs)


House Party - Watch a Film
A great way to get friends and neighbors involved is to have a BetterWorld House Party -- invite some friends and neighbors to see a film about a particular better world issue your BetterWorld Clubs chapter is interested in. Your BetterWorld Clubs chapter can rent FREE films on better world issues from or stream films free from your computer at

Your BetterWorld Clubs chapter can borrow
Films on a number of BetterWorld issues
a national public film library

Or stream documentaries on your computer


BetterWorld Show
You can help grow the global movement for a better world by making a creative YouTube video about your Be
tterWorld Club's activities and hopes for a better world and submitting to to inspire other BetterWorld Clubs all around the world.

Online Social Networks
Facebook has become a powerful tool to help network with others in your community and across the world. Join the BetterWorldClubs Facebook page and connect to others who wish for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. You can help spread the word about BetterWorld Clubs and the global movement for a better world by setting up a BetterWorld forum on one of the many other social network portals on the internet, including,,,,, Let people know about the more than 3000 free resources they can find at


Change Your Shopping Habits
Another important tool for BetterWorld Clubs is the Better World Shopping Guide. This pocket-sized book will help you make easy spending choices for a better world and show you that every dollar counts. As more and more people make their spending decisions based on better world principles, we will help transform our economy into a more socially responsible and sustainable system.

Support Nonprofits
Finally, your BetterWorld Club can get involved with a local charity that is addressing your betterworld path, or you can help by providing a nonprofit with a tax-deductible donation. Check out for the most comprehensive directory of nonprofits in every part of the world.

Help build a better world with the next gift you give - instead of helping to promote consumerism, consider giving Charity Checks instead. When you give Charity Checks, your friends and loved ones can choose their favorite charity to help and you get a tax write off. Give the gift of a better world -- help make every dollar count for a better world.

Be a hero for a Better World - start a BetterWorld Clubs chapter today!

BetterWorld Clubs is a free global, grassroots network of local clubs. It is not centrally coordinated by any organization.
We are not responsible for the activities of individual BetterWorld Clubs.

Better World Handbook
by Ellis Jones, et al

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We Can Build A Better World

BetterWorld Shopping Guide
by Ellis Jones

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