January 1
Help create humanity's first day of peace

"As they used to say 'What if they gave a war and nobody came?' How worthwhile if they declared a day of peace and everybody came."
~ Ed Asner

The United Nations
invited the world to celebrate
One Day In Peace, January 1, 2000
as the beginning of the
International Decade for the
Culture of Peace & Nonviolence for the Children of the World!

1000 organizations in almost 140 nations
participated in this launch for a better world...

Over 100 governments,
25 US Governors
and Hundreds of Mayors around the world
pledged their support

One Day In Peace was included
in New Year's Celebrations across the globe
as the world PEACEFULLY greeted the Year 2000

In December, 2000
the United States Congress
declared that every January 1
should be celebrated as
a day of peace and sharing in the United States.

In November 2001,
the United Nations invited the world
to observe every January 1 as ONE DAY IN PEACE.

In September 2006,
the United States Congress once again affirmed
that January 1 should be celebrated as
Global Family Day: One Day of Peace & Sharing

What can you do to help the world celebrate
our first day of peace, ever?

picture book online in 21 languages.

Perform the ONE DAY IN PEACE play

Hear Cheryl Melody's MP3
World Peace Anthem
from her CD: World Peace, The Children's Dream!


New Year's is the perfect opportunity for those of us who wish for peace on earth to make a resolution to try to do our best to work to create a better world during the coming year. It's also the perfect occasion to hold an event that will spread hope for our shared wish of a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. People will be celebrating anyway, and making resolutions about things they want to change about themselves in the coming year. Why not make it celebration with a purpose, and share a resolution that will help unite our local, national and global communities!

This is the very idea behind two January 1 events - One Day In Peace and Global Family Day. A global campaign for One Day In Peace on January 1, 2000 helped inspire a UN Resolution and a joint United States Congressional Resolution, inviting January 1 to be celebrated every year as a day of peace and sharing. If we can live for one day in peace, then we can work together to make peace last, one day at a time.

The day has also come to be known as Global Family Day - a day for peace and sharing. Communities around the world come together for a shared meal on January 1 and talk about how they can help to create a better world. What can you do to help create humanity's first day of peace, ever?

Read the PeaceKids One Day In Peace picture book that inspired a global movement for One Day In Peace:

One Day In Peace Handout - PDF
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On February 4, 2006,
Our dear friend,
and One Day In Peace Campaign co-founder,
Steve Diamond
passed away.

We miss you, Mr. Positivity.

"What if, for one day ...all the warring parties on Earth agreed not to fire a shot for twenty-four hours?
One Day In Peace, January 1"
-- Steve Diamond

Keeping the dream alive...


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