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18. Better World Clubs

"Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have, and all that we are, toward creating a world that supports everyone. But it is also securing the space for others to contribute the best that they have and all that they are."
-- Hafsat Abiola

To create a better world, we must rebuild our communities. A community is a group of individuals who work together for the good of all members of the group. A community can be a family, friends, neighbors, a nation, or the world. Communities give us a sense of belonging and purpose.

Starting a BetterWorld Club is a way to build community and find fellowship, encouragement, guidance and direction in our lives as we work to create a better world.

Your BetterWorld Club might consist of members of your family, your place of worship, classmates in school, friends and neighbors, or co-volunteers in a charitable organization.

Or your BetterWorld Club might be a virtual one that you start on one of the many internet social networking portals such as:,,,, and

BetterWorld Clubs is a grassroots network. There is no registration fee. It is not centrally organized by any one group or organization, but when you start one, you are connected to the global movement for a better world. offers more than 3000 free printable resources for BetterWorld Clubs. Anyone can use these resources.

The golden rule for Betterorld Clubs is respect for each member and a focus on encouraging living a life of compassion to create a better world.

Hold regular meetings. Discuss this book and your ideas for a better world. Have a House Party to introduce others to the BetterWorld Movement. Organize and work together on a local project or event to strengthen your BetterWorld Club and spread hope that a better world is possible.

What Do Better World Clubs Do?

A popular BetterWorld Clubs activity is to read and discuss this book, "The BetterWorld Book" together (you can print from the internet FREE) and share it with everyone you know.


Another important tool for all BetterWorld Clubs is the Better World Shopping Guide. This pocket-sized book will help you make easy spending choices for a better world and show you that every dollar counts. As more and more people make their spending decisions based on better world principles, we will help transform our economy into a more socially responsible and sustainable system.

The Better World Shopping Guide

Your BetterWorld Club can get involved with a local charity that is addressing your betterworld path, or you can help by providing a nonprofit with a tax-deductible donation. Check out for the most comprehensive directory of nonprofits in every part of the world.

Most Betterorld Clubs find that working together on a project for a better world in their community helps strengthen their Betterorld Club and spread hope that a better world is possible. Better World Days like Diversity Day, Tolerance Day, End Hunger Day and Peace Day are perfect occasions for creating community-building events and activities.

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Do One Thing for a better world ... Together we make a world of difference

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