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4. Living for a Better World

"We can work together for a better world
with men and women of goodwill, those who radiate the intrinsic goodness of humankind."
-- Wangari Maathai

What is 'a better world'?

In a better world, society's goal will be to make life better for everyone. Society will aim to create a system for living that is sustainable, fair and just, and the plan will include everyone. Every decision will be made with respect to all parties involved and with consideration about the future of our planet.

In a better world, every life will be valued. Everyone will have all that they need to live fruitful lives. Everyone will have the opportunity to better their lives and the lives of those they love.

In a better world, all will be taught peaceful, constructive ways to handle problems and get along with others.

A better world is all about community -- about working together, encouraging each other, helping each other to live better, more fulfilling lives. Most of all, a better world is about respect -- respect for ourselves, each other, and the planet we share.

When we convince the people and the nations of our planet to make 'striving for a better world' our priority and shared goal, we will transform our culture of fear and violence into a 'culture of peace and sustainability.' When this goal has become integrated into our laws and institutions, we won't even have to try to consciously think about working to create a better world -- it will be the most natural way to live.

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The BetterWorld Book
Do One Thing for a better world ... Together we make a world of difference

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