The BetterWorld Book
Do One Thing for a better world ... Together we make a world of difference

2. The Big Picture

"So we must fix our vision not merely on the negative expulsion of war, but upon the positive affirmation of peace.."
-- Martin Luther King, Jr.


There are so many people and organizations working to try to make the world a better place. But there are so many different injustices, and people are so overwhelmed with just trying to live their own lives, that we don't see the 'bigger picture.' We only pay attention to these struggles for change when a particular cause affects us.

If we could look at the big picture, we would see that each of those issues is really a piece of a larger puzzle. They're all part of a wish for a better world.

If we were to convince society to strive towards creating a better world, we would address all of the problems that endanger our future.

Perhaps peace on earth is an impossible dream. But a much better world is possible if we can convince the world to make it a priority. A better world is within our reach, because there is already a movement for change emerging all around us. In fact, it has been evolving throughout human history and it is on the verge of being recognized by the mainstream. We can work together to grow this movement and inspire others to join in and create a better world.


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The BetterWorld Book
Do One Thing for a better world ... Together we make a world of difference

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2. The Big Picture
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