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31. Questions and Answers

"We have always held to the hope, the belief,
the conviction that there is a better life,
a better world, beyond the horizon."
-- Franklin D. Roosevelt


What will a world that strives towards 'a better world' be like, economically and politically?

Will we be able to transform the global economy into a more fair, just, equitable and accountable system before there is a complete global economic meltdown?

Will a multinational political party arise with the goal of working for a better world as its platform?

What role will the United Nations serve in the future? Will it become more democratic, and an even more vital force in helping to establish and maintain peace, justice and sustainability in the world?

How can we abolish war when powerful individuals and multinational corporations reap tremendous profits from the war industry?

As we strive toward more harmonious relationships between nations in our interconnected global community, how can we ensure more participatory democratic processes that demand more accountability for our leaders to serve their citizens, not special interests and multinational corporations?

Is a better world really possible? Once you've allowed yourself to imagine what it could be like, and you've opened your eyes to the reality of all that IS being done to create a better world, it's much easier to have hope, despite all the questions and hurdles. Be a hero for a better world. Every act of compassion makes a difference when we work together for a better world.


The BetterWorld Book
Be a hero for a better world ... Join the BetterWorld Movement


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0. Do you wish for a better world? 
1. What If... 
2. The Big Picture
3. The Better World Movement
4. Living for A Better World
5. Goals & Obstacles 
6. A Better World Starts With Me
7. Better World Lifestyle
8. Inner Peace
9. Time Out For Peace
10. One Step At A Time
11. We Can Work It Out
12. Live In The Now
13. Choices for a Better World
14. Living Sustainably
15. Better World Activists

16. Better World Families
17. Teach a Better World
18. Better World Clubs
19. Celebrate for a Better World
20. Better World Fairs & Festivals
21. Letters for a Better World
22. Spread the Word
23. A Better World Economy
24. A Better World Industry
25. The Better World Plan
26. Envision A Better World  
27. Better World Blueprints  
28. Imagine A Better World 
29. Better World Institutions
30. Better World Project
31. Questions & Answers


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